Report: Scottsdale approves measure that imposes restrictions on recreational marijuana

On Nov. 30, the Scottsdale City Council discussed possible restrictions on most recreational marijuana sales, weeks after Arizona voters voted to approve Proposition 207, a ballot initiative that legalizes pot possession for those 21 and older.

According to the official canvass of election results from the Secretary of State's Office, 1,956,440 voters voted "yes" on Proposition 207, compared to 1,302,458 voters who voted no. The proposition, also known as the Smart and Safe Arizona Act, has been proclaimed as Arizona law by Gov. Ducey in a proclamation signed on Nov. 30.

According to reports, the city council approved the measure, after discussing them during a meeting.

As Scottsdale city councilmembers talk about the proposal, officials with one dispensary say while they will adapt to whatever the City Council decides, a ban would not stop current medical dispensaries from applying for recreational licenses.

"This has been such a long process, and one that we've been engaged in for many years to finally get to the place where we saw the vote, and we saw the overwhelming vote of Arizonans, was both a relief and excitement about the future for sure," said Steve White, CEO of Harvest House of Cannabis.

With 15 medical dispensaries in Arizona, as well as a potential of three more on the way and two in Scottsdale, White says expansion is inevitable. White also says while he is not surprised with the Scottsdale City Council proposal, he also says Harvest would not be stopped from making recreational sales since they're already in business.

"Existing medical facilities will still be able to make recreational sales through those facilities, even if a ban is placed over the entire city," said White.

White says the way Proposition 207 is crafted makes the transition for medical dispensaries into this new market a smooth one. He expects to hire hundreds of new employees across the state in the near future.

"It does require some refurbishing of some of the existing storefronts to handle some additional capacity," said White. "It means we'll be adding to our cultivation capacity and some of our manufacturing as well.