Residents in San Tan Valley trying to save local racetrack from closure

An iconic racetrack in San Tan Valley is taking its final lap, but race fans are trying to save the Arizona Speedway and ET Motopark before it closes for good.

"I just don't get it. The last day they're gonna open is April 3," said Tina Hill.

Arizona Speedway and ET Motopark has been in the Valley for 20 years, with the speedway holding races for the last decade. The entity's owners say officials with Arizona's land department told them to shut down because of noise, in addition to new development plans for the area.

The speedway has hosted thousands of practices and events over the years, and many race fans are upset over the closing.

"Well, it's where the whole community goes," said Hill. "It's where everyone goes out Saturday nights. We have a blast. It keeps the kids out of trouble. They're able to race their cars if they want to, and closing it down for they say noise -- the new freeway is going by there. Ironwood is pretty loud. It makes absolutely no sense."

Hill says the race track not only creates memories, but peace of mind for parents.

"My teenage daughter, she goes every Saturday night. She loves it. I know where she is, and I know she's not getting out in trouble or anything," said Hill. "I mean, it's affordable for people that don't make a lot of money."

Now, there is an effort to save the facility, with an online petition gaining steam, receiving more than 15,000 signature in just 10 hours.