Respect the Ride: Valley Metro to launch code of conduct on light rail system

Valley Metro is looking to make some changes to the light rail. Routes or times won't be changed, but they're hoping to change the behavior of some passengers.

It's a code of conduct that Valley Metro wants to enforce on its light rail platforms and inside its rail cars. The campaign is called Respect the Ride and it signals a change in how security can deal with unruly passengers.

Getting from point A to point B -- cheap and easy on the Valley's light rail. There are some incidents, but many riders take it in stride.

"Obviously, sometime you have people who are slightly disruptive, but rarely is it anything that effects anyone else," said John Burnett, an ASU student who uses the light rail.

Another passenger, Kenneth Rachal, disagrees, saying especially at night, the light rail platforms and the cars themselves can be scary.

"Well, people try to lift your wallet or try to hustle you, trying to rob you.. basically you have to be really, really careful of who you talk to on there at night of course."

Valley Metro stated it was receiving more comments like Kenneth's.

"You bring your family on to light rail and there's somebody there intoxicated and he's yelling and boorish. Right now, our rules state that if he's got a ticket, we don't remove him until he actually does commit a crime and that's not acceptable. You shouldn't have to put up with that," said Valley Metro CEO's Scott Smith.

Enter the Respect the Ride campaign and a code of conduct that gives security personnel more authority when it comes to unruly passengers. Some new rules have been added and others expanded.

"Under the new code of conduct, we'll be allowed to remove that person to tell them if you're going to ride in our system, you're going to respect our system in a way that allows others to enjoy the ride," said Smith.

The Valley Metro board will be voting on the code of conduct October 19. The new program will be rolled out over the next few months. You will see the new rules appearing at rail platforms around the Valley and you'll be hearing more of this new slogan, Respect the Ride.