Restaurant app aims to help conservatives find 'safe' eateries

FOX NEWS - A new app is aiming to help conservatives find eateries and establishments where they would be "safe" from having their political opinions critiqued while dining.

"We feel like there's a general unease among conservatives out there, about whether they'll be protected and safe as they go out to restaurants and local businesses," the app's founder, Scott Wallace, said on Monday's edition of "Fox and Friends."

Sometimes referred to as a "Yelp for conservatives," the new app - called "63red Safe" - asks users to rate restaurants based on four criteria.

"It's just four quick questions, yes or no questions," said Wallace. "Number one: Does this location serve all customers regardless of political beliefs? Will they protect their customers if they're under attack by others in the restaurant? There's a concealed carry question, and [if] the location [has] a political presence in their social media," he said.