Dallas pastor Frederick Haynes resigns from Rainbow PUSH Coalition 3 months after being sworn in

Dallas pastor Rev. Frederick Haynes III announced he is stepping down from the Rainbow PUSH Coalition after less than three months on the job.

Rev. Haynes has been the senior pastor since 1983 at Friendship-West Baptist Church in the Red Bird area of Dallas. The church has about 13,000 members.


When he became the president and CEO of the Chicago-based Rainbow PUSH this past February, Haynes said he planned to do the job from Dallas.

The civil rights organization was founded and then run by the Rev. Jesse Jackson for 50 years.

Jackson announced last July he would step down from his leadership post, and introduced Haynes as his successor.


Rev. Jesse Jackson steps down as leader of civil rights group founded in 1971

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who is 81, is stepping down as president from the civil rights group he founded more than 50 years ago, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

Haynes made the surprise announcement on Tuesday saying he would be leaving the new job.

"Last year, when Rev. Jackson, a personal hero, icon, a leader who has changed the world, tapped me to succeed him as president and CEO of Rainbow PUSH, it's been my honor to serve. And for that, I will also be grateful. However, today I submitted my resignation as president and CEO," he said.

Haynes said he will continue to honor the work of Rainbow PUSH and Rev. Jackson and looks forward to working together with them.

He did not give any specific reason for his departure apart from saying he felt it was necessary to "move in another direction."

"I felt it necessary in light of the huge challenges faced by our community, in light of the challenges faced by this nation and world during this consequential year to move in another direction," he said. "I will continue the fight for justice. I will continue to be a prophetic witness. I will just do it in another lane."

In a statement late Tuesday, Jackson said the organization had accepted Haynes' resignation. 

Jackson's son, Yusef Jackson, will serve as the chief operating officer of Rainbow PUSH.