Review board finds that shooting of Michelle Cusseaux violated policy

A police use of force board found that the officer-involved shooting of Michelle Cusseaux violated policy.

Officers were called to Michelle Cusseaux's apartment in August of 2014 on a report that she made threatening calls to a mental health facility. When they tried to contact her, she came at the officers with a hammer.

Local civil rights activist Jarrett Maupin was outspoken and with other community members called for an outside investigation into the incident.

Phoenix Police say the Use of Force Board reviewed the case on September 10. Now the case moves to a different board, a Disciplinary Review Board, which will determine discipline for those involved in the incident.

The disciplinary board is made up of four employees in the department and two members of the community. They have options to terminate, suspend, demote, or take other action on the employees involved in the incident.

Phoenix's Police Chief, Joe Yahner according to a spokesperson, has accepted the Use of Force Board's findings.