Ride share drivers in Phoenix talk impact on business as travel slows down

Some people who may start feeling the pain of a travel slowdown are those who drive for Uber and Lyft, many make a living driving visitors around the valley and their wallets take a hit when the economy dips.

Many rideshare drivers say they aren't feeling it yet, others say they've noticed a difference in just the last week. Regardless, they say they're prepared for coronavirus to impact their job.

"I have [wipes] where every time I have a ride, I clean my doorknobs, door handles, anything they grab, I clean that way it will help not spread it ...." said Carrie Miller, rideshare driver.

Miller drives all over the valley for Uber and Lyft and says so far, the coronavirus fear has not affected her bottom line. Other drivers who exclusively serve the airport say they've noticed a drop in business. 

Karen Nelson, a rideshare driver, says she's noticed the drop in customers a bit within the past few days.

Moe Sullivan mainly serves Sky Harbor Airport. He's been driving rideshare fulltime for two and a half years and says he's concerned about the panic coronavirus has created.

He worries he will see his passenger count dropping as anxiety over the virus spreads. "If fewer people are traveling, we have fewer people taking rides in Arizona because most of our rides are from business travelers and vacationers."

When it comes to coronavirus and driver safety,  both Uber and Lyft said if their drivers do contract coronavirus, they will be compensated for up to two weeks.