Rideshare driver accused of sexually assaulting passenger in Maricopa

MARICOPA, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Details are emerging of yet another horror story about a rideshare driver.

The incident reportedly happened in the town on Maricopa, where a passenger said she was sexually assaulted by a male driver who was taking her home after a night out with friends. That driver, identified as 44-year-old Rayan Jarjes, has been arrested.

The incident allegedly happened around at around 3:00 a.m. on Sunday, when Jarjes picked up the alleged victim in Maricopa, where she lives. Before they got to her home, the alleged victim said she was sexually assaulted.

Soon after that, Jarjes was behind bars. The man, who lives in a Peoria house, tells neighbors he's a chemist. Shannon Rivera lives across the street from Jarjes.

"Really friendly. Say hi, I talk to them, they wave every time they're out," said Rivera.

According to Maricopa Police, Jarjes picked up the female passenger after she'd been drinking with friends. After chatting a bit, he allegedly reached to the backseat and began rubbing her legs and then sexually assaulted her while driving. Jarjes then pulled over and allegedly forced her to perform a sex act, as well as taking compromising pictures of her.

It's not the kind of press other Lyft drivers want to hear.

"It makes it harder on the rest of us trying to make a little extra money doing it the right way," said Lyft driver Collis Newbill.

After the ride, the alleged victim told a friend, who called police. Soon after, Jarjes was in custody. According to officers, Jarjes was found with his zipper down, and the pictures were on his cell phone. Police officials said after first denying it, Jarjes finally admitted to the assault. He apparently told his female passenger he was having a hard time finding the right person for a relationship. Jarjes is actually married with two children, who were all on vacation overseas.

"I know that she knows he's missing, but I think she thinks something happened to him, but I'm not sure she knows that," said Rivera.

Jarjes is in the Pinal County Jail on $100,000 bond. Authorities consider him a flight risk because he and his family are from the Middle East.