ROCKS OF ART: Art painted on rocks hidden across the Valley

Many kids will no doubt be hunting down colorful eggs "left behind" by the Easter bunny, come Sunday. For some, however, these scavenger hunts can start earlier than that, as a Valley man has been hiding ordinary rocks that were turned into works of art, across the Valley.

"We've planted them in many parks, all over parking lots," said Sam Adams. "I've put them all over the place."

The rocks may either contain a colorful message, or a logo of one of the 20 Major League teams. One reportedly has the FOX 10 logo on it.

Adams has been hiding the rocks across the Valley for the past several months. Some are hidden at Papago Park.

Some of Adams' creations are hiding in plain sight, but others won't be easy to spot.

"I don't want it to be super easy, but I want it to be within sight, so some one could go, 'Oh there's a rock next to that tree stump, but I don't know until I walk over there'," said Adams.

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