Roo the 2 legged dog to be reunited with owner

UPDATE: Later in the day Tuesday, an owner stepped forward for Roo, whose real name is Lily. MCACC officials say the woman had pictures of Lily as a puppy and they had no doubt this is her dog.

Melissa Gable stated, "Lily's owner is a young woman from Scottsdale. She was out of town and asked her friend to watch Lily. The friend took Lily to the park (and thinking she wouldn't get too far), left her alone for a few minutes. When she returned, Lily was gone. We think someone saw Lily and thought she was a stray, picked her up and took her to the veterinary clinic where she was dropped off... I will be contacting all those who offered to donate and let them know the circumstances. Because Lily will get the 'wheels' she needs, potential donors can decide if they'd like to donate to our cause, or wait to help another animal."

Lily will stay at the shelter for spay surgery on Thursday.

"In the end, Lily's owner has learned a valuable lesson about the importance of making sure pets are licensed and wearing ID at all times. And even if a dog only has two legs, she can still wander off and go missing!" said Gable.

A special dog is in need of a loving, forever family. Her name is Roo and she was born with a birth defect. Roo isn't like many other dogs, she doesn't have front legs.

"We think that it's a birth defect," said Melissa Gable with Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.

The 1-year-old pitbull mix was found last week, Gable says Roo can get around just fine, it just takes a lot of effort.

"She'll stand and kind of hover over the ground and walk that way. She still gets around, she just doesn't run like most dogs would," said Gable.

They are hoping someone can donate a cart to help make Roo's life a little easier.

"It's a lot of work for her to move from one place to another, if she had a cart that would make her life so much easier," said Gable.

Roo's forever home will have to be one with patience and love.

"We want to make sure they're going to follow up with her vet care, and just give her a good life, don't exploit her, don't show her off as a dog that has two legs. Treat her like a normal dog and make sure that she's getting the love and attention that she needs," said Gable.

Roo will be up for adoption next Wednesday. If you'd like to adopt her, they ask that you send in an essay in describing why you think she would be a perfect match for your family.