RV supply chain issues easing up in time for summer travel, report shows

It's summer and that means people are looking to get out of town in RVs, and although the supply chain has created issues for buyers, a new report shows that shipments from manufacturers are increasing.

This is welcome news for many in the RV industry as they have had to adjust to a new normal, like many others due to supply chain shortages, but things are finally getting better.

During summer, RVs are a hot commodity as Arizonans are using them for a much-needed getaway in the triple-digit temperatures. Luckily, for sellers like at Rowley White RV in Mesa, the supply chain is finally moving in the right direction.

According to a 2022 report by the RV Industry Association, manufacturers determined that RV shipments to dealerships increased 11.5% compared to this time last year.

This comes after many dealerships had to work through the shortages in generators and other parts for the vehicle.

"It is just kind of explaining the situation at this point. At first, it was difficult and people didn’t understand, but as they deal with this everywhere they go they realize, so that helps, and as things come back around, we are fulfilling those orders," says Brad White, owner of Rowley White RV.

At Discount RV and Auto Sales, owner John Tennis says he's seen an increase in consumers looking for used RVs.

"The bigger RV places, there is no inventory, so people are coming from all over, looking for RVs. There is no supply," he said.

He adds that it's still hard to get his hands on inventory, but all that may be changing as the supply chain continues to bounce back.