Salon offers silent haircut to combat an 'overstimulated world'

(Photo by Chris Knight/Unsplash)

(FOX NEWS) -- At this salon, all you’ll hear is the sound of scissors clipping – that is, if you choose the “silent” option.

Not Another Salon in London is offering a new service to its customers who don’t feel like having a chat with their cut. The “Silent Haircut” is offered as an option when booking an appointment, at no extra cost to clients.

Clients who are interested in the silent snip will first meet with their stylist for a brief – audible – consultation about the cut before then launching into quiet mode for the rest of the appointment.

Salon owner Sophie Hilton wrote on the salon’s Instagram page that the policy is a way fto continue a mission of “inclusivity” and “no judgment.”

“While so many of us love a chin wag at the hairdressers others just need some time out and that should be ok to ask for,” the post read. “So why is it we feel embarrassed to say we need some quiet time? Why do we feel we need to bury our heads in a book and hope they get the hint? Is it that we are too British to ask?”

The salon owner is hoping that offering the service as an add-on will help people take time for themselves, even if they’re too embarrassed to ask for it.

“Owner Sophia Hilton says 'in order for us to be a true non-judgment company we need to consider all our clients needs. With mental health showing up more than ever now, feeling comfortable to say when you need time out couldn't be more important,” the post concluded.

In an interview with Independent UK, Hilton doubled-down on the reasoning behind her salon’s newest service, saying “in our overstimulated world, alone time is scarce,” a much-neglected practice that she believes “is the key to better mental health.”

The response on Instagram has been overwhelmingly positive with many calling the move “excellent” and claiming it is a “dream come true.”

“Love this!” one wrote.

“Amazing!” another commented.

“I've not had my hair cut in 12 months as I can't face the chit chat at my local salons (I've tried many!) where invariably I feel like an outsider or not cool enough/up to date with trends. I'd love it if all salons gave you this option,” another shared.

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