Salvation Army donates thousands of bottles of water to Cibecue homes

Work started bright and early at the Salvation Army Service Center on Washington Street on Friday morning.

Employees prepared a very large load for shipment; thousands of bottles of potentially life-saving water.

"They've had a serious malfunction with their well system," Major Wayne Froderberg said. "The latest report I had is the well will not be operational until Wednesday."

Major Wayne Froderberg says the state emergency system reached out yesterday, saying there are 500 households in Cibecue without a water source.

"Currently, we are working with the Arizona Foodbank, the truck is loading right now, they are providing the transportation, we're providing currently 20 pallets of water, which will be delivered today and distributed," he said.

Keep in mind, the Salvation Army currently operates 14 hydration stations in the city of Phoenix, alone. The major says the supply needed to stock the stations is also dangerously low.

"The 20 pallets we are shipping out today is really the last of our reserve," he said. "The heat wave has carried on so long, there's been such a need that really we are running short of water. It's sort of a faith venture; we're giving away the best and last we have, hoping the community will respond, replace what we have."