San Jose police issue 500 citations at sideshow involving over 200 cars

San Jose police said over 200 vehicles took part in a sideshow Saturday night and about 500 citations were issued.

The sideshow erupted at the intersection of S 10th St and Alma Avenue about 11 p.m., and officers said they worked quickly to shut it down.

They made seven arrests for various weapons and firearms charges, and about 500 citations were issued for various violations, including spectating, according to SJPD.

Police said they seized two guns and towed five 30-day impounds.

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Authorities shared a photo of a previous sideshow from above, showing multiple cars blocking an intersection.

"We are understaffed but dedicated to our community," said SJPD. "Many officers stayed long past their shifts to combat this activity."

Other cities had sideshows as well.

On Friday night, drivers doing donuts and speeding around recklessly appeared in Pleasant Hill, as well as in Walnut Creek and Concord. 

These sideshows come days after an Oakland sideshow, in which a 19-year-old was arrested following the death of one man and injuries of three others. 

Two sources told KTVU that that two rookie police officers initiated a pursuit of that driver, who crashed on International Boulevard, and then left the scene without rendering aid. 


San Jose police shared this photo of a recent sideshow from above.


Photo from San Jose police from sideshow on July 2, 2022


Photo from San Jose police from sideshow on July 2, 2022