Sanderson Ford helps boy injured in boating accident

Seven-year-old Dylan is one of the strongest little boys you will ever meet and his bracelet will tell you just that.

This past June, Dylan was thrown from a motorboat while vacationing at Lake Powell. He was stuck by the propeller and his jaw, right arm and leg were amputated.

"We are really lucky to still have him alive, on top of that he's Dylan, he's "Dylan Strong," he's the strongest little boy I've ever seen," said Tara Gagliardi, Dylan's mom.

Tara says Dylan is making great strides and recovering better than expected, but there will be more medical care, much-needed prosthetics, therapy and rehab, and with that comes big bills.

"I heard the story, made it very personal to me because I have two 7-year-old grandchildren; out of 13 two are seven and I thought, 'What a life-changing thing,'" David Kimmerle with Sanderson Ford said. "It pulled at my heart strings, consequently, I thought things like this happen for a reason. Dylan is such a nice, young man after meeting him. He'll pay it forward."

Sanderson Ford is helping in a big way by donating and auctioning off a 2016 Roush Stage 3 Ford Mustang and all of the proceeds, 100 percent, will be donated to Dylan's trust fund.

"He's going to need some extra special arm prosthetics," Tara said. "Insurance, you know, only goes so far. Having money to do and get him the best prosthetics, that's what this is all about."

You can register for the raffle online by clicking here.