Satanic Temple of Arizona adopts a portion of the I-10 near Casa Grande

Highway to Hell.

For some, it's a song, but for drivers along the I-10 near Casa Grande, it's what they'll see as well.

That's because the Satanic Temple of Arizona has now adopted a two-mile stretch of roadway that they will clean and maintain, over the next year.

"I just want to clean up a highway, please give me a highway to cleanup, and they said fine," said America Curl, a member of the Satanic Temple. She reached out to the Department of Transportation last summer, and said the process of adopting the road was easy.

Curl filled out an online form, and paid a small fee.

"Then, you put what you want on the signs," said Curl. "We wrote the Satanic Temple of Arizona. Then, you submit through DOT, and they get back to you really quickly."

Curl understands there is a stigma surrounding the Temple, especially after their attempts to read the invocation at Phoenix City Council meetings were denied.

"I was a little hesitant, because I understand people know our name, and worry that we're going to do something crazy, and we're going to try and turn this into something political," said Curl.

Curl, however, wants to make it clear that this is about giving back to the community, while keeping Arizona beautiful for everyone.

"I really like that this project means enough to our members, that we want to expand it so that people can get out there and work, to show that keeping this state beautiful is important to them," said Curl.

Highway to Hell Road Cleanup