Scottsdale breweries showcase craft beer made using reclaimed water

Using recycled water to make beer: that is what 10 Scottsdale breweries did for a contest, and on Friday, the mayor and judges decided which beers were made the best. 

Scottsdale is one of the first in the country to use recycled water for potable use, and the city says the beer tasting goes to show that anything can be made out of reclaimed water.

The 10 local breweries that took part in the contest had to create craft beer using only recycled water from the city's advanced water treatment plant.

"It is to demonstrate simply the process of reclaiming water for drinkable water," said Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane. "It is something that is coming with us, and we are going toward and we want to make sure people are interested."

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane

In September, Scottsdale announced they were one of the first cities in the nation to gain approval to use treated recycled water for potable uses. The mayor and judges say drinking beer is one way to educate the public on what is possible when it comes to recycled water.

The judges narrowed three beers down for the finalists. The winners will be announced during the 10-day Canal Convergence at the Scottsdale Waterfront.