Scottsdale dog arrives from Saudi Arabia; given second chance at life after nearly being euthanized

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) - A dog travels across the world to Scottsdale after almost being euthanized. Now, he has a chance at a new life. We just met Newton and we have to give him credit for making this long trip. It started in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday and after three days of travel, he's finally in his new home in the state of Arizona where he'll become a service dog.

Meet Newton, a 2-year-old Lurcher Labrador new to Scottsdale from the streets of Saudi Arabia, nearly euthanized.

"He was on the streets and he was a homeless dog and was pretty much picked up pretty quick," said Adama Pfaff, director of Desert Tails Shelter. "And that's what they do with the animals there that aren't found by somebody that's willing to take that chance of them."

Fortunately, someone took Newton in but couldn't take care of him long-term. With the power of social media, a volunteer at Desert Tails Shelter found out about Newton's story.

"He's been through a lot," Pfaff said. "But he definitely has a lot to give. He's a sweet guy and he's very loving. He likes to be close to you and close to people."

Newton flew from Saudi Arabia to San Francisco before taking a road trip with volunteers to San Diego and then down to Scottsdale. He even brought his passport. Newton is nervous, as you can imagine - but a new life awaits.

"We're hoping that his journey is really good and it ends successfully," Pfaff said. "And I think we'll find him a really good person that really wants to make him part of their family."

The goal is to match Newton with a veteran in the next couple of months. He starts training to be a service dog in the fall.