Scottsdale family's home featured on HGTV's House Hunters

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Christmas is just days away, and one of the fun parts of the holiday season is getting everything decked out to really get in to the Christmas spirit, and one Valley family had some help from a decorator who's had some pretty big gigs in the past.

Big gigs, like being given the task of decorating the White House.

"Susan was able to transform this home into something you walked in to when you went, 'Oh no' in, to something you walked in to and went 'oh wow'," said Meeks.

Haviland transformed the place in to a cozy Christmas home for the HGTV show House Hunters during an episode with Meeks and her family, during a time when the Valley didn't exactly feel like the North Pole.

"We actually shot this Christmas special back in August, so that meant we had to decorate for the Christmas season, and I'm not really equipped to decorate to the level they want for TV," said Meeks.

While the house got a lot of publicity, It's not exactly the most most famous house Haviland has helped garnish. In 2017, she was selected to beautify the White House.

"One of my honors that I got to do last year is decorate the Gold Star Tree, which is for all of the military and the families and the people who have served our country, and so that's really an honor," said Haviland.

Haviland says it doesn't matter if it's the White House or your house. She tries to treat every client like they're the First Family.

"It's never about me, and it's always about them, and I want whoever I'm working with to feel like they're the most important," said Haviland.

"We're so appreciative to have good health and have our family together, and have a home together this Christmas to celebrate," said Meeks.

The dream home is still being worked on, and the family hopes to be moved in within the next six months, but they're happy they still got their dose of holiday happiness, even when it was 114F back in August.