Scottsdale ranked second best place in country to find summer jobs

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) - It's that time of year - the search for summer jobs is on for the young workforce. And Scottsdale is the place to find work, according to a new report.

As school gets out, teens are looking to make some money and they're in luck here. just gave Scottsdale a high ranking for one of the best places in the country to find summer jobs. Some young people are already set this season.

"Knowing you can work a lot so you can make money," said Molly O'Brien, who just landed a summer job.

Money is the motivation for these teens to find work. A few teens say they just got jobs at Sky Zone this summer.

"The main reason we got this job is [because we're] looking to buy a car," said Akku Appakoman.

The Appakonam twins are headed to college soon and are saving up to get their own wheels.

"What we're looking for is obviously good pay and we're looking for good job experience," Appakonam said.

According to a recent report from WalletHub, Scottsdale is the second best place in the nation to find a summer job, right behind Orlando. WalletHub also ranks Scottsdale number three in the youth job market category.

"I'm out of school now and I need something to do," said Jennifer Laird. "And a job with a lot of hours will take that time."

Arizona's minimum wage will increase from $11 to $12 an hour by 2020, then another hike by 2021, thanks to Prop 206.

"Getting a job really helps with paying extra college tuition, saving up, maybe buying yourself a used car," said Ash Appakonam.

How did Scottsdale get ranked? WalletHub says it compared the relative strength of more than 180 markets across 21 key indicators including employment outlook, affordability, and downtime friendliness.