Seal playfully tugs at scuba diver's hat in cute moment caught on cam

A doctor, scuba diver and underwater videographer has made more than a few friends underwater since he started diving in the UK nearly 20 years ago.

Video from Ben Burville, who works by day as a doctor in the coastal town of Amble, Northumberland, shows him scuba diving with two curious seals, one of which tugs at his scuba hat while the other holds his hand.

The adorable moment is one of dozens Burville has caught on camera since he started swimming with the seals decades ago.

In his latest, Burville posted the video to X with the caption, "I had a strange feeling that there was something behind me."

Burville says he specializes in UK marine life and researching dolphins and seals. 

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Earlier this month, two lucky fishermen had an awe-inspiring encounter when they spotted a "superpod" of hundreds of dolphins just off the coast of Sussex in the English Channel.

Jake Davison, who recorded the video, told FOX Television Stations that he and his companion had been out fishing for a few hours when they "spotted a huge commotion."


Dolphins spotted by fishermen on December 6, 2023. (Credit: Muscle Fishing via Storyful)

In this footage, dolphins are seen leaping above the water’s surface around Davison’s boat, creating a mesmerizing sea spectacle.

FOX's Stephanie Weaver contributed to this report.