Search for Daniel Robinson: 7 months after disappearance, family of missing geologist still trying to find him

It has been seven months since geologist Daniel Robinson was last seen, and on Jan. 14, a day when Robinson would have celebrated his 25th birthday, his father was preparing to search abandoned mines and underground wells in the desert for his son.

Robinson last seen in June 2021

According to a statement released by Buckeye Police on July 9, Daniel arrived at his job site near Cactus Road and Sun Valley Parkway. He was last seen driving a 2017 Jeep Renegade, and was headed west, further into the desert area.

Daniel's car was found a month later, and investigators said it had rolled over.

Father left South Carolina amid search for son

After Daniel disappeared, his father, David Robinson, left his home and family in South Carolina. He is currently living in a hotel, and is scouring the desert near Buckeye for his son.

"There’s two well sites where my son was last seen that need to be searched with cadaver dogs. Also, a camera needs to go down that well," said David. "There’s some mines out there, vertical mines, that need to be searched."

David has reached out to Buckeye Police officials, asking investigators to put a team together to search three vertical mines in the area.

"I’m asking for cadaver dogs of the Buckeye Police Department to search those mines," said David. "They need to get air in those mines to get the air moving, so the dogs can work properly."

Volunteers will also be conducting line searches, with the efforts fueled by David's desperation and determination.

"You can imagine, after seven months, it’s no longer a rescue mission," said David. "It’s a recovery mission out in the desert."

The search on Jan. 15 will be the 22nd search event David has organized. Meanwhile, Buckeye Police officials say investigators have been in contact with Daniel's family about tomorrow’s search. The department did not confirm what kind of resources they will be providing, but did say officers want to ensure search operations are safe.

Full Coverage of the search for Daniel Robinson

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