Search for man accused of skimming cards at bank ATM

Most people have used an ATM, but on Friday, police are looking for a suspect who was able to use a skimmer at a Valley bank, and got away with $15,000.

An image captured by cameras on Arizona Bank and Trust's drive-thru ATM on October 27 showed a man in a hoodie and sunglasses, after dark. According to bank employees, there was no trace of a transaction made when he was there.

Less than 24 hours later, he man was seen on surveillance cameras again, but sporting an Afro. According to reports, he was in the same four-door sedan. Once again, there was reportedly no record of a transaction made.

Fast forward about a week later, bank officials reportedly started to get skeptical about a chain of disputed charges from customers, with thousands of dollars spent on their cards. That's when they decided to review surveillance video from the ATM, slowed it down, and put the pieces together.

Bank officials said video from the suspect's first visit appeared to show him placing the skimming device in the ATM, and then removing the device a day later.

It's a scheme people don't typically see at banks, and Chandler Police said the skimming device was likely in the form of a false card front. Randy Kinnear, a former bank manager, said he knows of this all too well.

"It looks pretty real," said Kinnear. "It's pretty convincing. You have to be looking for it when you walk up to it, just to be on the safe guard."