Season 2 contestant remembers American Idol

American Idol ended its run on FOX earlier, the show debuted in June of 2002 and became one of the most successful shows in the history of television. Winners were chosen by viewers through a smartphone, the internet, or text messaging.

Kelly Clarkson was the first winner, but the first winner of our own Arizona Idol contest did very well too, advancing to the top 24. Rebecca Bond is still singing and raising a family too.

A lot has changed since Rebecca competed on American Idol. She's now a wife and extremely busy mom of 4. But she's continued to keep music at the forefront of her life singing with several different bands and sharing her passion for music with the next generation.

Rebecca is a kid at heart, joining her little ones for some playtime on the family swing-set.

"Love being a mom, I wouldn't change it for the world, and I'm so grateful to every single one of these crazy kids, and they are crazy," said Rebecca Bond.

12-years-ago Bond's life looked very different as she began a musical journey that started on the FOX 10 set.

She moved on to the American Idol auditions in Los Angeles, securing a spot on the show and making it into the top 24 with her amazing voice. She says the camaraderie between contestants was very real.

"Just out of nowhere you would have church in a holding room someplace, and we would pass the time, and all the voices would just blend together, it was so just beautiful," said Bond.

Since appearing on Idol, Rebecca has appeared in several local bands. That's how she met her husband Martrell; the two now perform on the road with a band called TNT. Though there's plenty of singing in the house.

Rebecca hopes her sons Dalton and Jaden will go on to play instruments like their dad, and daughters Aubrey and Journey will become singers like mom. A family musical group in the making, all inspired by Bond's time on American Idol.

"It showed me yeah this is something, that is my passion, and this is what I am going to pursue for the rest of my life," said Bond.

Rebecca says she has been cheering on La Porsha all season long. Rebecca still performs at several venues in town. In fact, you can catch her performing with TNT on April 30, at Va Bene restaurant in Chandler.