Seattle, Denver, Washington, DC residents struggle most with personal hygiene, according to survey

A new survey is calling out cities for their residents' differing notions of personal hygiene, and you might be surprised by which areas boast the people who shower the least.

Advertising agency Quality Logo Products surveyed 2,700 people from 25 different cities in the U.S. on hygiene and cleanliness. According to the survey, "cities are often judged by how they look on the outside. However, personal hygiene might be a better barometer of cleanliness than litter-free sidewalks or manicured landscaping."

The survey found that as many as a quarter of those asked go three days between showers, one in 10 haven't changed their bed sheets in two months or longer, and just over 4 percent of the people surveyed have been wearing the same underwear for four days or longer.

Only 63.6 percent of those surveyed said they shower once a day. More than half said they brush their teeth twice a day, and just 33.5 percent of people change their bed sheets once a week.

So which city had the most hygienic people and which could use a little work in the cleanliness department?

Among those surveyed, people apparently showered and brushed their teeth more in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale than in any other city.

There were some serious discrepancies when it came to a city and its sanitation habits, however. San Francisco was among the most germophobic city, even though it was ranked the least hygienic, coming in at number 22 in terms of personal hygiene out of the 25 cities that were surveyed.

While it makes sense that the hottest climates require more effort for residents to keep clean, Boston was ranked second highest when it came to showering more than once a day, even though the northeastern city is known to experience extreme cold.

The New Yorkers surveyed, meanwhile, were most likely to skip brushing their teeth but change their sheets the most out of any other city's residents.

While people from around the country deal with hygiene differently, whether influenced by convenience or the weather, the survey suggests that you might want to bring some hand sanitizer wherever you go.