Senator-Elect Mark Kelly speaks as he prepares to work as Arizona's senator

Nov. 13 was a big day for Arizona's new Senator, Mark Kelly, as his opponent, appointed Senator Martha McSally, conceded the race.

McSally became Arizona's senator in 2018, after she was appointed to the seat formerly held by late Sen. John McCain by Gov. Doug Ducey. During that same year, she ran for the Senate seat formerly held by Sn. Jeff Flake, but was defeated by Kyrsten Sinema.

On Nov. 13, FOX 10's Matt Galka spoke with Senator-Elect Kelly. At the time Galka spoke with the newly-elected Senator, he said he has yet to hear from McSally.

"I have not heard from her. I imagine I will at some point”," said Senator-Elect Kelly.

Shortly after the interview with Kelly concluded, however, McSally, in her concession announcement, said she has reached out to Senator-Elect Kelly. In the same statement, McSally said she offered support in Kelly’s transition to Washington. It's a move that Kelly is now preparing for.

“United States Senators and Representatives in the House have rather large constituent service programs. It’s important that we are able to transition that effort in a manner that benefits the folks that have cases with Senator McSally. There’s different ways to do that," said Senator-Ekect Kelly.

Kelly met with his full transition team earlier in the week, which consists of a broad base of Democrats and Republicans from around the state, as he prepares to be sworn in to the United States Senate. The swearing in could come as quickly as the end of this month.

"I really value their opinion, and I wanted to find the best folks I could to help me with this transition regardless of their political background, so it was really about bringing folks together to put together the best team I can, and work on the issues we face as a state as fast as I possibly can," said Senator-Elect Kelly.