Shadow Creek subdivision smells like rotten eggs

Tammy Norris is the mother of two children who has lived in the Shadow Creek subdivision since 2012. She loves her home but says a mysterious foul odor, reeking of rotten eggs, has permeated through her neighborhood.

"The smell is so bad that physically, you don't want to take it in, like you know in your head it has to be something bad," says Norris.

Devonda Wallace lives just a few streets over from Norris. She says she smelled the foul odor over the weekend.

"Sometimes in the house, it smells like gas is leaking or something," describes Wallace. "You can smell it inside your home. My son's closet has access to the attic and sometimes it seeps through there. I can smell it in his room."

City of Pearland Communications Director Sparkle Anderson says city leaders are aware of the problem. In a written statement to FOX 26 News, Anderson wrote the following

After hearing from some of our residents, we formed a task force in an effort to support citizens and business owners in their efforts to resolve the issue.

The statement also states that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is leading an investigation.

The TCEQ declined an invitation to speak with FOX, but sent a copy of its 12-page report released in August, citing extremely-high levels of hydrogen sulfide in the air.

Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless gas often described as having a foul odor similar to rotten eggs.

The report states that the amount of hydrogen sulfide found in the air near Shadow Creek exceeds the state regulatory standard numerical value by just over 20 parts per billion.

Nonetheless, they haven't told residents where it's coming from, leaving the community concerned.