Shark attack on Long Island investigated

Police in Nassau County say they are investigating a possible shark attack.  It happened Thursday afternoon at Jones Beach but the information was not released until Friday.

The Nassau County Police Department says a 37-year-old man was swimming at around 1 p.m. in the waters off of Wantagh when he sustained a laceration on his right foot.

Medics from the Nassau County Police Department Emergency Ambulance Bureau responded and identified the nature of the injury as a possible shark bite.

An ambulance took him to a hospital for further treatment.

The Nassau County Police Department says it will have increased patrols at all Nassau beaches over the extended 4th of July holiday weekend.

Shark sightings at Long Island beaches are a growing problem.

Warming ocean temperatures are believed to be helping draw sharks to the New York coastline.  Wildlife experts say that new types of sharks could be spotted this year, including tropical hammerheads.

The state is expanding a drone program to track sharks this summer.

Lifeguards had to shut down the entire length of the Town of Hempstead's beachfront to swimming for several hours one day last July after spotting several sharks in the water.

Experts advise swimmers not to swim alone, in cloudy water or at dawn or dusk, and not to swim near seals or schools of bait fish.

Editor's note:  Police originally said the victim was 57 years old.  They later updated his age to 37.