Sheriff Arpaio takes Manhattan with 80-foot tall billboard in Times Square

He's known around the country for making inmates wear pink, Tent City and most recently, switching up the jail menu.

Now Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will grace one of the largest billboards in the world. His face will be on a 120-foot tall by 84-feet wide digital billboard, overlooking New York's Times Square.

Mark Wahlberg, Lady Gaga and now Sheriff Arpaio?

He's no Calvin Klein model or pop star, but yes, Sheriff Joe is gracing the most visited spot in New York. His face on the side of the 7-story NASDAQ market site tower.

"I have to say this without being egotistical.. I am well known," he said.

But how did Sheriff Joe reach Times Square billboard status? Although he loves the spotlight, the Sheriff says it wasn't his idea. His friend Steve Ellman, a valley businessman, owns the digital billboard.

"We thought about it and said we got the Super Bowl coming, isn't this a good vehicle to let everybody know to come to town and be safe," said Arpaio.

The electronic ad debuted Friday. It will run through the Super Bowl and cycle for a total of one hour. As for his larger-than-life image, the Sheriff said there was no special photo shoot.

"This is the one that is my latest photo.. if I was smart, I'd probably use one 20 years earlier."

Underneath his enormous picture, the Super Bowl message reads, "Maricopa County's Sheriff Joe Arpaio welcomes all to sunny Arizona for the big game! Enjoy our state, obey all laws and be safe."

The Sheriff says he's curious at how New Yorkers and tourists will receive his ad.

"It's gonna be interesting.. some of the feedback. I don't expect around the world.. everyones all I love you Sheriff. I would imagine some people would say who put this guy up there?"

The ad space is valued at about $50,000. The Sheriff says no taxpayer money was used for the billboard.

Again, a friend of the Sheriff's owns the space and is footing the bill.