Show Low couple speaks after surviving harrowing flash flood ordeal

It's among one of the worst weather tragedies Arizona has seen. Over the weekend, nine people were killed, when flash floods tore through a watering hole near Payson.

As of Tuesday, one person is still missing.

Four others survived, and among those who made it out of the flood is a couple from Show Low. They stuck on a slab of rock for hours, while waited to be rescued.

The young couple enjoyed the day with their parents, and everyone was heading to Water Wheel Falls, but there was a sign along the way that this wasn't a good idea. A new look at video from that flash flood shows the family is lucky to be alive.

"It was way more intense in person," said Zion Wendt. He and his girlfriend were on their way to the swimming hole, and said they should have seen it coming.

"That rain was coming down so hard when we were on the road, and maybe we should have gotten a clue that we should not be there," said Nancy Coto.

It never rained at Water Wheel Falls, but they heard the water coming.

"Just seeing a lady in the tree holding on for her life, and then hearing another man in a tree and holding his kid, part of the same family too," said Coto.

"Everybody started looking," said Wendt. "You could hear a bunch of water hitting rocks and hitting trees and just a big wall of water coming at you."

They were there when a family of 14 got swept away. Only four of them clinging to life when rescuers came. Seared into their memory forever, the couple said they'll never go back.

"It was an intense moment and I never thought that kind of a river could do that to someone," said Wendt.