Show Low Unified School District responds to reports of racially insensitive sign made by student

Officials with Show Low Unified School District released a statement on May 7, as a post circulates on social media of a photo that contains a racially insensitive statement.

Various viewers have contacted FOX 10 in regards to the photo, which features two people holding a sign that contains a racially insensitive statement regarding Black people.

In their statement, Show Low Unified School District Superintendent Shad Housley said the district is aware of the incident, and that the incident involves a person who attends school within the school district.

"The student has provided the District with a written apology and appropriate disciplinary measures have been taken," read a portion of the statement. The statement did not otherwise elaborate on the specific disciplinary measures that were taken.

In the same statement, Housley says he is committed to "eradicating racism in all its forms in ou r school communities."

"It is important that our students and families know that racism of any kind will not be tolerated at our schools," read a portion of the statement.

This is not the first time in recent years that Show Low Unified School District has been in the middle of a controversy that involves a racially sensitive topic.

In 2016, a Confederate flag was painted on the pavement in the Show Low High School's parking lot.

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At the time, school officials say the incident stemmed from a student who was at the parking lot when he shouldn't have and had his parking privileges suspended for a short time. Officials believe a person who is not a student of the school painted the flag in the lot, and that the flag was displayed as a sign of hostility to the school administration.

"You got to remember we are not Phoenix. You have to be here to understand the culture of Show Low. We are not the Valley. We haven't gotten to the point where we have to go out and say that is not an acceptable symbol, but that day is coming," said Farrell Adams, who was Show Low High School's principal at the time of the incident. The current principal for Show Low High School is Ben Merchant.

This story was reported on from Phoenix