Single mother from the Valley working for the Trump White House

President Donald Trump is set to embark on a trip to the Middle East soon, and aboard the Air Force One on this trip, along with the First Couple, will be an Arizona woman who found herself with an office in the White House.

Stephanie Grisham is an Advisor to the President, and the Communications Director for the First Lady. For the single mother, it is the ultimate power job, and a dream come true.

The job, however, also comes with a lot of sacrifice.

FOX 10 Phoenix News Anchor Kari Lake was in Washington to see Grisham's office. Getting to her office required Secret Service clearance, as well as a stroll across the White House grounds, and a long walk through the corridors, and past rooms where history has been made, for over two centuries.

For Grisham, she earned Trump's trust, less than two years after meeting him. Back then, he was still a candidate for office.

"I think he's one of the kinder people I've ever worked for," said Grisham.

She started in the West Wing, working what she said was 15-hour days as Deputy Press Secretary for Sean Spicer. She then received a promotion.

"The reason I ultimately left is because I want to bring my little boy out here to live with me full time," said Grisham. "That kind of schedule, as a single parent, it wouldn't be fair to him. Over here, the hours aren't quite as long. The First Lady is very, very supportive of me, as a single mother, and I;ll be able to work from home if I need to."

When she joined the Trump campaign, Grisham already spent months away from her boys in Arizona. Her oldest has graduated, and is on his own. Her youngest, however, is nine, and still needs his mother around.

"Sometimes, I just break down and cry. I miss them," said Grisham. "I know that in the future, this will be great for them and it will benefit them."

When the school year ends, Jake will come to Washington D.C., which is right around the same time Barron Trump and Melania Trump will move into the White House.

The road to Grisham's current job began in Arizona, when Grisham was doing public relations work for former Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne. Eventually, she worked for the State Legislature, and eventually, she found her way to Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign, which ultimately ended with Barack Obama's reelection.

"When he lost, I was devastated for a month, and i pulled myself out of bed," recounted Grisham.

Three years later, Grisham met a candidate -- Donald Trump -- that was the polar opposite of Romney. She helped handle the media at Trump's first Phoenix rally, and she said when she met him, she was sold right away on him.

Soon enough, Grisham was criss-crossing the U.S., going from one Trump rally to the next, in charge of the press plane.

"I essentially lived with his press," said Grisham. "Especially that last six months, we would wake up together in the same hotel, we would fly on the same airplane together, we would end up night together at the same hotel."

All that paid off with Trump's victory on Election Night.

"When he and the First Family walked out, he saw me and it was so amazing to me that here, this man who is the President of the United States, and he still sought me out and pointed at me," said Grisham. "It was one of the coolest moments ever."

Grisham claims despite what has been reported, Trump does not scream and berate people.

"He's tough, and he expects a lot out of you, but he's a very thoughtful man," said Grisham. "What you see is what you get."

Grisham is looking forward to Melania and Barron's arrival at the White House.