Some 911 calls in Arizona border city are mistakenly going to Mexico

Authorities in San Luis, Arizona, say they are receiving more complaints about 911 calls mistakenly going across the border to San Luis in Mexico.

Police in the border community say it’s caused by callers in the Arizona border city being close to cellphone towers in Mexico.

Mexico also uses 911 as an emergency number.

Arizona callers say they are being transferred to the San Luis Rio Colorado police emergency dispatchers in the state of Sonora.

Santana says the complaints have only risen as the population grows and more people only use cellphones. But emergency dispatchers in San Luis Rio Colorado are aware and can immediately reroute the Arizona-based calls to the San Luis police.

Unfortunately, there are no immediate solutions, officials said.

People on the Arizona side who make calls on landlines should not have this issue.

Map of San Luis, Arizona: