Some drawn by the power of "Energy Healing"

Energy Healing - or more properly, the belief that healers can channel healing energy into a patient and cure them, is a point of debate for some people. One side calls it pseudoscience, while others say it works.

In Scottsdale, there are two women who practices Energy Healing.

"We are a team, we work together." said Sheri Getten. She works with Debra Martin.

"We've developed a technique no one else in the world is doing," said Martin. She uses her skills as a medium and healer, while Getten channels energy to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

"When I look at a person on the table, I don't care what religion they are, their race, what their background is," said Martin. "It's about love. It's about compassion, and its about healing and transformation."

For John Rosenkrans, he said this particular healing allowed him to walk forward in his life, literally. He couldn't walk without the help of a cane, until he saw Getten and Martin.

"I walked in here with this cane, and now I am able to walk out without it," said Rosenkrans. "It's the first time in 40 years I haven't had this kind of pain." Rosenkrans said he suffered from poor blood circulation in his legs, which his doctors said it was Vascular Necrosis.

After just one session with Debra and Sheri, Rosenkrans walked out of the office a new man.

"It was amazing he walked out, got in the car and left, and said, 'Marge, I don't have any pain its the first time in so long,'" said Rosenkrans' wife, Marge.

Weeks later,

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