Some like it hot: Reasons to embrace Arizona's summer heat

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- There is one benefit to the high temperatures: lots of people leaving town to escape the scorching heat, and that could bring lots of benefits to people living in the Valley.

#1: It's cheaper to enjoy the Valley the way tourists do in the peak season from a resort
Staycation prices drop at Phoenix-area resorts by as much as half for rooms, and a round of golf is cheaper as well.

#2: With tens of thousands of people fleeing the heat, the commute is much quicker
Some drivers report shaving 10 minutes or more off their morning and evening commutes during the summer months. Also, it's less crowded at many popular restaurants, leading to shorter wait lines.

#3: it's hot enough to hit the Salt River for tubing
It's also hot enough to hit area lakes for a cool down.

#4 Sweating
Yes. Sweating can actaully be good for you. If you're healthy and hydrated, a good sweat is a good detoxifier, according to nutrition coach Andres Vargas.

On the streets of Phoenix, which are not exactly bustling, those out and about have plenty of reasons to love the Valley heat.

"It could be worse," said one person. "We could be in Detroit. It's not snow, it's dry heat."