Specialists create customized headphones for ultimate comfort and hearing safety

Dr. Jerry Altman says making customized headphones takes minutes, but can potentially save you from a lifetime of hearing problems.

"If you ever walked passed somebody hiking, walking, running, you can hear their music from their iPhone or whatever, that's cause ear buds don't fit well," said Altman.

That loud music, which the ear, nose and throat specialist says, gets turned up even more when ear buds don't fit properly, and usually leads to noise related hearing loss.

"We came up with the idea because I am deaf in my left ear. Lost hearing when I was a child," said Altman.

Dr. Altman and his partner, Dr. Amy Shah, looked to hearing aid technology to create sound molds.

"It's a custom molded ear bud connected to this wireless headset," said Shah. "There's an on and off switch, save battery, there's a volume control so you can go up and down on the volume. You get the headset and the custom modeled ear buds attached to it that's perfect for your ear, no body else's ear, it's your imprint, perfect fit."

In a few short weeks, the hardened mold is sent back to the customer. The finished product is guaranteed not to fall out.

There won't be a need to adjust and most importantly, you might be saving your hearing.

The headphones cost about $200 and you can order them online.