Starbucks/ASU partner to give full 4 years of college to Starbucks employees

Some say it is too good to be true, but this is the real deal. If you work for Starbucks, the coffee giant will pay for you to get your online degree from Arizona State University.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz took the stage with President Michael Crow at a seminar in Phoenix to make the announcement. They talked about the partnership that will offer Starbucks employees full tuition toward an undergraduate degree.

"So we now have an opportunity to offer free college education, not only to juniors and seniors, but also to freshman and sophomores," said Schultz.

Starbucks will invest $250 million into what they're calling the "College Achievement Plan" to help an estimated 25,000 employees graduate from ASU online by 2025.

Akeisha Walker has worked for Starbucks for 20 years and had to put college on hold while she got married and raised three kids. She is now taking classes through ASU Online for free.

"Yes, it was nagging at me, because we have three small children and we've done nothing but stressing to them how important education is, and how am I going to preach when I haven't finished," said Walker.

Markelle Cullom has worked at Starbucks for three years, and also found herself unable to afford going to ASU after community college. But now she is on track to graduate in two years.

"You know, what's the catch? There is no catch. It's equal opportunity for all, and the burden taken off our shoulders is something we are eternally grateful for," said Cullom.

Starbucks first announced the plan back in October, but it was only available to workers who had enough credits to qualify as juniors or seniors. The new announcement opens it up to a full four-year degree.

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