State Board of Regents to vote on vaping, tobacco product ban at state universities

Vaping has become more popular among young adults and teens, and so far, more than 2,200 cases of lung injuries associated with vaping have been reported in 49 states, including Washington D.C., and 47 deaths have been confirmed.

Now, the Arizona Board of Regents is considering banning the use and sale of vaping and tobacco products at the state’s three public universities.

The regents are proposing revisions to rules regarding prohibited conduct on campus. Currently, using and selling tobacco is not allowed. Now, the regent hope to include electronic smoking devices to that list.

According to the regents, the change is intended to create uniform policies in regards to smoking. Some students at ASU say they are on board with a ban on vaping.

“I think it is a good thing. Students are spending a lot of money on it and there is no benefit to it. I have a friend that is really addicted to it, and it is taking a toll on his health. so I wouldn’t mind it being gone," said senior Bryce Greathouse.

"Personally, I know a lot of people on my sports team who vape on my sports team, and it makes me uncomfortable 'cause I have an asthma problem. So when they ask me to vape, it makes me uncomfortable," said freshman Javier Carlos.

While Greathouse and Carlos are for the change, they are skeptical of the difference it may make because so many people are vaping.