Strange sightings, cat vs. coyote, sweet reunions: This week's heartwarming, offbeat headlines

From a strange figure spotted outside a zoo to promising treatment for cancer, there was no shortage of there was no shortage of intriguing tales this week. Here are some of our favorite heartwarming and offbeat stories from June 4 - 10 that have helped make our days a little brighter:

1. Mysterious figure spotted outside Texas zoo; city asking for public's help identifying: An unidentified figure was caught on camera in Texas around the zoo and city officials are asking residents to give their best guess on what it might be. 

Mysterious figure spotted in Amarillo Zoo (Photo courtesy of City of Amarillo)

2. California court rules a bumblebee is a fish under environmental law: A bumblebee is a fish under California law, a California court said in a ruling this week.

28 May 2022, Hessen, Frankfurt/Main: A bumblebee sits on a bearded carnation in a garden. Photo: Oliver Berg/dpa (Photo by Oliver Berg/picture alliance via Getty Images)

3. Driver spots tiny kitten on side of the road, ends up rescuing 13: Robert Brantley was leaving work when he spotted a tiny kitten on the side of the road. He stopped to rescue it – only to have twelve more little ones suddenly run out and surround him.

(Courtesy: Robert Brantley)

4. Father gets diploma 27 years after dropping out of high school: ‘I was led by God’: "Three of my children are still in high school and I felt I needed to be an example to them and to show them how important an education is," he said.

Clyde Welch Jr. stands with his cap and gown after getting his GED diploma. (Credit: Clyde Welch Jr.)

5. Veteran receives medals he lost in Tunnel Fire during emotional welcoming home ceremony:  A veteran who lost everything in the Tunnel Fire that burned miles from Flagstaff - including his home, his service medals and more - was honored in a ceremony.

6. Cat faces off with coyote on Texas porch in wild video: ‘He was a fighter’: "You can hear me bang on the door to scare off the coyote. That's why he ran off," said the homeowner. "He was a fighter and luckily the coyote was a skittish pup."

Cat tries to escape coyote in video surveillance video. (Credit: Tony Gray)

7. Small study of rectal cancer treatment brings every single patient into remission: A small U.S. study of rectal cancer patients with a certain mutation found that every single person treated with an immunotherapy drug had their cancer "disappear" without the need for further treatment.

FILE - Rectal Carcinoma. Abdominal X-Ray In Front View. (Photo By BSIP/UIG Via Getty Images)

FILE - Rectal Carcinoma. Abdominal X-Ray In Front View. (Photo By BSIP/UIG Via Getty Images)

8. Mom gives birth to identical twins 3 days apart in Texas: 'Very uncommon': In a rare event, a woman in Texas gave birth to one of her twin daughters while she was still pregnant with the other.

Gabriella "Gabby" Grace Hernandez and Isabella "Bella" Rose Hernandez are identical twins from Texas who were born three days apart in March 2022, at Hendrick Health. (Carmen Martinez) 

9. Woman, son she put up for adoption find out they work at the same hospital: A Utah woman and the son she put up for adoption more than 20 years ago have been reunited — and it turns out they have more in common than shared genes.

Holly Shearer and Benjamin Hulleberg (still image courtesy KSTU)

10. Indian man reportedly divorces wife because she only cooked instant noodles: The judge presiding over the divorce case reportedly called it the "Maggi case" because Maggi instant noodles were the woman’s food of choice when feeding her husband.

FILE - Packets of Maggi 2-Minute Noodles, manufactured by Nestle India Ltd., at a grocery store, known as a kirana, in Bengaluru, India, on Monday, Jun. 21, 2021.  (Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg via Getty Images)