Superior Police investigating theft of plaques from statues that honor the mining town's history

The Superior Police Department is searching for whoever stole and vandalized plaques from statues around town.

The plaques were removed off of multiple statues in the center of town, along Main Street.

"It’s a big deal," said George Bueno. "I think it’s been there years and years and years, so it’s kind of sad that that took place."

Town officials say while they have little monetary value, but there is a lot of historic value, as the statues are tributes to Superior's history as a thriving copper mining town.

"My dad he worked in the mine, my brothers worked in the mine," said Bueno. "I never really worked in the mine because I joined the service, but when they shut the mine down, a lot of people lost a lot back in 1982."

The statues, complete with plaques, were put up to honor the area's rich history. Police officials say one was vandalized with graffiti, while the other plaques were pried off.

"Some type of tool that would cut metal. There’s some small brackets of metal, so something like a saw could saw through it," said Tim Chavez with the Superior Police Department.

In a small town, the loss of any piece of history is tough, especially one that everyone has a connection to.

"Great little town to grow up in. Really was. Probably one of the best places I ever could have imagined growing up," said Jimmy Mayhew. "I’d never change it, and I was the poor family in town. Mom raised five of us by herself, and my buddies all had daddies in the mines. That’s what’s that stature is right there. It’s for the miners."

Superior Police officials are asking anyone with information on the thefts or vandalism to report it to the department. They can be reached at (520) 866-5111.