Supporters, opponents of Proposition 127 renewable energy ballot measure speak out

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- There are a number of ballot measures that will go before voters in November, one of which is Proposition 127.

Prop 127 calls for 50% of the electricity in Arizona to come from renewable sources, like solar and wind power, by 2030.

Backers of the measure say it's ridiculous to live in Arizona with this much sun and not have more solar in our energy mix. Opponents, meanwhile, say alternative energy is great, but it's too costly.

At the Phoenix headquarters of the Arizona Lung Association, there is support for Prop 127.

"Climate Change is a public health issue, and Prop 127 will shift Arizona away from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy to safeguard our climate," said Joanna Strother with the Arizona Lung Association.

"Of course 127 will improve air quality, decrease health costs. Of course will decrease our CO2 emissions, to do what we can to slow down climate change," said Dr. Robert England, former Maricopa County Health Director.

The "yes" side and their health experts have spoken, but what about the "no" side?

"Yeah, I cannot give you somebody off-hand, but I can give you an independent study that ground level ozone would be reduced by a minuscule amount under Prop 127, and asthma and related health conditions would see negligible impact by this initiative," said Matt Benson with No on 127.

That study was commissioned by APS, whose parent company, Pinnacle West Capital Corporation, is the chief funder of the "No on 127" campaign.