Democratic Rep. Randy Friese enters Arizona congressional race

Friese’s candidacy announcement cited his background as a U.S. Navy Medical Corps veteran and a retired University of Arizona College of Medicine professor and his treatment of then-U.S. Rep. Gabriel Giffords after she was critically wounded in the Jan. 8, 2011 mass shooting in Tucson.

Arizona Senate votes to require ID with mailed ballot

Voters would have to include an affidavit with their birthdate and the number from their driver’s license, state ID or tribal identification card. If they don’t have one of those forms of ID, they could include their voter registration number and a copy of a utility bill.

Biden marking 'Bloody Sunday' by signing voting rights order

A new executive order from President Joe Biden directs federal agencies to take a series of steps to promote voting access, a move that comes as congressional Democrats press for a sweeping voting and elections bill to counter efforts to restrict voting access.