Businesses felt the impact of light rail construction

When the light rail was expanded in North Phoenix, businesses in the area felt the growing pains during its construction. Now, years later, business owners there want to let business owners along South Central Avenue know what they can expect, after a ballot initiative to stop all light rail expansion projects appears to be heading for defeat.

Phoenix voters rejecting anti-rail initiative by wide margin

Phoenix voters said "yes" to expanding light rail transportation in the nation's fifth-largest city by soundly saying "no" to a measure that aimed to stop any more development of the system, according to early, unofficial returns.

Newsmaker Saturday - Mike Emanuel, Chuck Coughlin

Another week of major political developments nationally and in Arizona. FOX 10's John Hook talks to FOX News' Mike Emanuel about Martha McSally's appointment to the Senate and the border wall. Political consultant Chuck Coughlin of High Ground provides insight on the midterm elections.

Newsmaker Saturday - Prop 305; possible midterm election outcomes

Part 1: FOX 10’s John Hook talks to Dawn Penich-Thacker and Jenny Clark about Prop 305 - the expansion of empowerment scholarship accounts.
Part 2: Political consultants Mike O’Neil and Chuck Coughlin discuss possible outcomes in the upcoming midterm election.

Democrats, Republicans gather for watch parties, as Election Day starts to wind down

PHOENIX (AP/KSAZ) - Voters are making their final decisions in a historic Arizona election. Either Republican Rep. Martha McSally or Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema will become the state's first female U.S. Senator. Their contentious race for a seat being vacated by retiring Senator Jeff Flake has dominated the state's politics.

Newsmaker Saturday: Debbie Lesko, Hiral Tiperneni

FOX 10's John Hook talks to U.S. Rep. Debbie Lesko and candidate Dr. Hiral Tiperneni about the upcoming midterm elections, Luke AFB, CAP Water, student loans and debt, healthcare and the future of the Affordable Care Act.

Newsmaker Saturday: Mike Noble, Jonathan Butcher

FOX 10's John Hook talks to Mike Noble of OH Predictive and Jonathan Butcher, Senior Fellow at the Goldwater Institute and a Senior Policy Analyst at the Heritage Foundation about the upcoming midterm election.

No Trump rally in Phoenix for now

President Donald Trump will not be coming to the Valley this month to stump for Republican candidates in this November's election. Word came in legal papers in connection with a lawsuit filed against the city of Phoenix by the American Civil Liberties Union. FOX 10's Steve Krafft reports.