Surprise high school gets worldwide attention for nesting owls

It's an unlikely place for new parents to call home.

"We have 2,300 kids going to school here and they don't seem to mind at all," said Wendy Klarkowski, school resource officer."

Surprisingly peaceful and sitting in the rafters of this West Valley high school are mother Shadow, father Ridge, little Rudy and his brother, Gruffle.

"Which is a combination of our two principals, which is Mr. Greenway and Mr. Gruffle," Klarkowski said.

They're a young family starting their lives together, with thousands of eyes on them.

"I put the cameras up as a way for the kids to see the owls but without going and disturbing them," Klarkowski said.

School Resource Officer Wendy Klarkowski is doing a favor for both the owls and her students. Her teaching assistant, Shadow Ridge senior Andrew Scott, is one of many taking it all in.

"I'm following the Facebook page," he said.

Even schools around the world are using the livestream for education. The excitement has turned into fashion with Andrew designing a shirt with proceeds going towards the Make-A-Wish foundation.

"Lots of followers from England and Italy and Singapore," Klarkowski said.

It's a shirt, that in a few weeks, may be all the school has to remember as the owlets prepare to take off all on their own.

"Game and fish did say that it is possible that they'll return if they feel comfortable, and that would be awesome for the upcoming students at Shadow Ridge to have the same experiences I've had," Andrew said.