Survivor recounts deadly Globe bar shooting

GLOBE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - It's been one week since a deadly shooting at a bar in Globe, and one woman who survived the shooting is speaking out.

Charlene Peak, who goes by Charlie, was visiting family from Nevada. Charlie and her best friend, Ashley Sanchez, were finally celebrating being 21 together when tragedy struck.

"I can tell you that she's been heavy on my mind today, but that's about all I can tell you," said Peak.

The two were celebrating finally being able to drink legally with one another.

"We clashed our drinks together and took selfies, that was our first hoorah," said Peak.

Along with the two girls, Daniel Albo. Peak says they started their Sunday night at the casino and then made their way to Jammerz bar. That's where they had a few drinks, even making friends with the gunman.

"He asked if he can join and personally I love meeting new people and I like hearing their story and I didn't hesitate to say yes, so he sat down and we just talked about football teams," explained Peak.

They then moved into the bar and began playing pool, guys versus girls. The gunman had disappeared, but not thinking anything of it, the group, now joined by Cristi Licano, went outside for a quick smoke.

"And then I said let's go smoke a cigarette and everyone followed me outside," said Peak.

Charlie couldn't bring herself to tell us what happened next.

Daniel Albo was 22, Cristi Licano was 44, and her best friend, Ashley Sanchez, just 22.

Charlie says she's thankful for Dakota Cline, who stepped in to help and put pressure on her wound.

The alleged gunman, Sterling Randall Hunt, 22, is in custody. The investigation is ongoing.