Suspect in Drake jewelry heist caught inside dorm room

According to police, the suspect in the Drake jewelry heist got inside a dorm room at ASU.

Travion King was arrested a couple of days ago after police say he was caught climbing into the bed of an ASU student.

Students say they are shocked and concerned about security measures at the college. They are wondering how a homeless theft suspect was able to get past secured doors and into someone's dorm.

"That's really surprising one of my favorite things is that it's an enclosed community," said student Hannah Spencer.

ASU students in shock after learning about the trespasser who was able to make his way into a Barrett Honors College dorm room.

The college community is gated and a key card is required to get past the gate into the dorms.

"I do know occasionally these gates are left open if you say you're a student or you know a student someone will let you in."

Police say Travion King was able to walk through the gates then convinced a front desk student employee that he belonged there.

That student used his key card to let King into the building.

Police say King then found an unlocked door and entered a woman's dorm room where he climbed into her bed as she was laying in it and asked to have sex with her.

The student was able to get away unharmed and called the police.

When ASU police took King into custody they say he had a briefcase full of jewelry, which he allegedly stole from one of Drake's tour bus.

"How does something like that happen in a student community we have lot of students coming and going in entrances and it is a community environment," said Jana Faro, Director of Operations, University Housing.

Students say it is not uncommon for Barrett Honors dorm residents to leave their doors unlocked because many feel safe in their community.

"I think that is an equal part anomaly and problem with leniency especially since this is Barrett a lot of people who go here are really smart and that type of trust in the system.. betrayed them in thinking it was ok to leave their door unlocked all the time," said Spencer.

Police say King admitted to smoking PCP and marijuana before he was arrested.

ASU police arrested King for trespassing

He is also facing robbery charges in connection to the Drake jewelry heist in downtown Phoenix.