Suspect killed during officer-involved shooting in Glendale

A 23-year-old man is dead, following an officer-involved shooting that took place on Saturday.

According to a statement released by Glendale Police on Monday, the suspect, identified as Patrick Sanchez, was declared dead at the scene. Police said officers were sent to the 8000 block of W. Glendale for an unknown trouble call. The caller, identified by police as a female, said she and another male were being held against their will by a female and male suspect, and that the male had a knife and gun.

When the officers arrived, police said they found four individuals that were around a silver sedan, outside of the call location. As the officers made contact, they approached a male on the car's driver side, who was later identified as Sanchez.

Sanchez, according to police, became confrontational after officers attempted to pat him down. Sanchez reportedly reached for his firearm, while the officers took him to the grown. As the officers continued to struggle with Sanchez, he managed to grab a handgun, and the officers, according to police, demanded Sanchez to drop the weapon.

Sanchez, according to police, did not comply, and an officer drew his weapon and fired. No officers were reported injured during the incident.