Suspected rapist Ismael Guerra Osorio from California on the run for 35 years arrested in Kemah, Texas

A 35-year manhunt for a suspected rapist is now over. 

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The U.S. Marshals Service in the Southern District of Texas arrested 62-year-old Ismael Guerra Osorio on October 16. 

Guerra Osorio had been wanted in California since 1988 for multiple charges, including rape, sexual assault, and lewd and lascivious acts with a child. He was taken into custody at a mechanic shop in Kemah, Texas, where he was working as a mechanic.

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Huntington Park (California) police obtained an arrest warrant in February 1996 for Guerra Osorio for lewd and lascivious acts with a child after it was learned he had assaulted his underage stepdaughter for nearly four years. Detectives also learned that Guerra Osorio was wanted for a 1988 forcible rape in Los Angeles County.

After the Huntington Park Police, working with the USMS in Central District of California, developed information that Guerra Osorio was possibly living in Houston under an assumed name, a collateral lead was sent on October 6 to the USMS in the Southern District of Texas to locate and apprehend him.

USMS investigators in Houston developed information that Guerra Osorio was working as a mechanic in a shop in Galveston County and contacted the Galveston Division, which sent task force officers to the Kemah shop to arrest Guerra Osario.

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The task force members located Guerra Osario working in an inspection bay of the mechanic shop and arrested him without incident.

He was booked into the Galveston County jail for processing on the warrants. The Huntington Park PD was notified of the arrest.