Suspects in Phoenix police officer shooting arrested; officer released from hospital

Phoenix Police officials say they have arrested three people in connection with a shooting that left an officer injured on the night of March 29.

According to a brief statement released on April 1, investigators say an adult and two juveniles have been arrested in connection with the incident, which police have described as an "ambush style shooting."

"The investigation remains very active, and for that reason that is the only information being released at this time about the suspects and the arrests," read a portion of the statement. Officials did say an update on the case, along with additional information, is expected to be released on April 2.

Officials identified the officer as Harold Boswell on April 3. They said he was recovering at his home.

Officer shot multiple times

The incident happened at around 11:30 p.m. on March 29, when the officer responded to a report of people trying to rob a parked vehicle near Southern Avenue and 35th Avenue.

"We had an officer who was violently attacked while truly doing his job and not just attacked but ambushed," Police chief Michael Sullivan said in a press conference. "He was ambushed as he was going to try to help folk who were being preyed upon and robbed, putting himself in harms way."

One of the suspects reportedly armed with a handgun fired multiple rounds in the direction of the officer as he approached the group. According to a report, the officer was struck multiple times and never discharged his own weapon.

Police said the officer was off duty but in uniform, and clearly identified himself as a police officer.

Officer released from hospital days after shooting

News of the suspects' arrests came just hours after the officer shot was released from the hospital.

"When you leave that house, you never know that day whether you're coming home or not because of the danger that we're inherently in," said Phoenix Police Executive Assistant Chief Derek Elmore. "[It's] emotional for all of us. It's emotional for him. It's emotional for us because we can all put ourselves in that situation." 

According to Executive Assistant Chief Elmore, the officer is in good spirits, mainly accrediting that to his supporting family. Officials have yet to release the officer's identity at this time, due to concerns for his and his family's safety.

"We're thankful for him, for all his sacrifice that him and his family have endured," said Executive Assistant Chief Elmore. "And this time, we're grateful that he's able to go home safely, and hope that he will be returning to work shortly."

Meanwhile, anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact the Phoenix Police Department. They can also leave an anonymous tip by calling Silent Witness at 480-(WITNESS). Spanish speakers can also call Testigo Silencioso at 480-(TESTIGO).

Where the shooting happened