Tactical training facility open to the public

War based video games like Call of Duty take you on a virtual battlefield and give you a small taste of what it is like to be a soldier.

Now a brand new facility in north Phoenix takes that concept to a whole new level. Letting you use realistic weapons and tactics to carry out missions.

It goes beyond paint-ball, it's like being inside of a video game. Welcome to Tacville Training Center, a brand new indoor facility in the north valley where civilians can get access to training and equipment used by the elite military and law enforcement units.

Participants wear face masks, body armor, and you shoot small foam balls like paintballs, but with no paint. While paintball can be a free for all, at Tacville you work with your unit using tactical skills to achieve goals.

"They are given a specific mission whether it's a pilot down, or assaulting an embassy," said Mike Puente with Tacville.

It's very realistic, the building is so big you can drive cars inside adding to the realism. In one exercise a group picked up a man down while taking fire, battlefield sounds are piped in through overhead speakers.

When civilians aren't in the facility it's used by professionals. The cost is subsidized by the civilians who want to come and enjoy themselves.

"They can come in here and get a little glimpse into what it would really be like," said Debbie Lee.

The cost is $65 for 4 hours, the money helps keep the facility open.

For more information visit: http://tacville.com