Tarrant County Constable helps deliver baby

A Benbrook woman and her husband had a run-in with law enforcement Monday morning that ended with their sincere thanks and a brand new baby girl.

Destiny Hall was told her contractions Sunday night were a false alarm. But by Monday morning, she knew better.

"I don't even think I can make it to the hospital," she said. "I don't even think I can make it to the car."

Hall jumped in her car with her husband, Caleb Hall, behind the wheel.

"I was trying to be safe and not weave in and out of traffic, but I was probably going about 80-85 mph," Caleb recalled. "I was like just stop pushing, kind of a hold it in I guess. I don't know."

About midway from their Benbrook home in route to the hospital, Tarrant County Constable Mark Deibold saw them speeding by.

"He rolled his window down and he said, 'My wife's water is breaking,'" the constable recalled.

"He just whew! Lights and sirens and said follow me," said Caleb.

Deibold planned to escort them to the hospital, but clearly someone else much smaller was in charge. They had to pull into a gas station.

"I literally just stood up and in one push, she came out. If he wasn't there, she would have literally come out in the floor," Destiny said. "They are all like high fiving like you caught her man, you caught her! I'm sitting there like, I just gave birth in the car."

Destiny and Caleb say they'll be forever grateful to Constable Deibold and are thankful their story shines a positive light on law enforcement.

"Just realize we are a community and we help each other out," said Destiny.

"It was an amazing moment for me," said Deibold. "Definitely wasn't something I expected on my way into work."

The little, yet to be named princess, rounds out a beautiful young family. And with all the recent bad news about police, she's helping to heal a hurting heart.

"This kind of gives perspective of why I became a police officer," the constable said. "It was a positive moment, and I will remember this for the rest of my life."